journey colab psychedelics

Journey Colab: Including Traditional Communities in the Plant-Based Medicine Boom

One aspect of psychedelic and plant-based medicine that often gets overlooked by for-profit interests is the fact that many of these compounds are rooted in indigenous communities. For instance, the peyote ceremonies that help so many with PTSD and depression are based on traditional treatments that have been practiced in rare parts of the world […]

fluence psychedelic therapy

Fluence: Training the Next Generation of Psychedelic Treatment Professionals

It’s an exciting time for psychedelic treatments. Mainstream popularity of psychedelic-assisted therapy is coinciding with new tools and techniques, making the practice more accessible than ever before. But with interest and demand for psychedelic assisted therapy growing from the patient side, clinicians are having to respond without all of the answers. That’s where Fluence comes […]

leiio wellness

Leiio Wellness: Making Sense of the Microdose

A conversation with the founders of Leiio Wellness, a company dedicated to exploring and developing “sub-psychedelic formulations that enhance mental health & wellness, and empower people to become better versions of themselves.”

CaaMTech Davis Wuolle

CaaMTech: Utilizing the Entourage Effect to Transform Psychedelic Medicine

In the early days of cannabis, researchers were focused on individual plants. With time, though, the focus shifted to the real magic: the compounds in the plants and the chemistry behind them.  The psychedelic and plant-based medicine industry is going through the same evolution, and researchers at CaaMTech are looking to bring new focus to […]