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Psychedelic stocks vs ETFs

Comparing Top Psychedelics Stocks to Psychedelic-Focused ETFs

Interest in the stock market (especially from retail investors) has never been higher as equities continue to provide short-term traders and long-term owners outsized gains. Many markets, including the NASDAQ and the Dow, are trading at record levels after the March 2020 COVID crash. While traditional broad-based, large-cap index investing has led to significant returns […]

DMT vs Psilocybin

Contemplating a psychedelic “trip”? Here is all you need to know about two of your options: Psilocybin vs. DMT

As the psychedelic revolution becomes more socially accepted, academically acknowledged, and scientifically backed, many questions loom regarding the hierarchy of psychedelic substances.   The plethora of research, profusion of media coverage, and growing flood of anecdotes demonstrate that substances such as ayahuasca, DMT, psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD have groundbreaking healing potential. It has become evident that […]

Research is the Emerging Psychedelics Framework

While psychedelic legalization and decriminalization across the United States is becoming more prevalent, there is a new emerging psychedelic framework: research. Texas has passed legislation that commits to studying psychedelics, in addition to Connecticut and New York. Under a psychedelic research framework, the state commits to conducting formal studies to research the efficacy of using […]

Psychedelic Invest Adds 8 New Companies to its Index

We are excited to add 8 new companies to our Psychedelic Invest Index – the first index in the market that comprehensively covers the entire public psychedelic sector. Nearly one year ago, we launched this index to bring much-needed financial data for new investors tracking the market. At the time, the index only consisted of […]