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How to Effectively Market Your Psychedelic Brand

As you likely know, we are in the midst of a “shroom boom” and a “green wave”, with psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, CBD, and psychedelic substances receiving a lot of media attention. In many states, these substances are either being pushed towards decriminalization or being heavily researched in their use for therapeutic purposes.  The Growing Psychedelic […]

Psychedelic Water

The Meteoric Rise of the World’s First ‘Psychedelic’ Beverage

The Canadian company Psychedelic Water, founded by Toronto lawyer Keith Stein in 2019, has created a product that it claims is the world’s first legal ‘psychedelic’ beverage.  The company’s flavored, sparkling water drink went viral on TikTok and the company recently announced it sold out three months of inventory (50,000 cans) in just three weeks […]