Psychedelics are already well on their way toward disrupting the multi-billion dollar alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and health & wellness industries.

There is an enormous opportunity for those early investors who are able to look past the historical negative stigma associated with many psychedelics.

Psychedelic Invest is a resource for those looking to invest in the psychedelic industry.

About The Psychedelic Index

The Psychedelic Index is the first index that tracks public psychedelic companies across a variety of international stock exchanges.

The Psychedelic Index tracks leading publicly traded psychedelic stocks across global markets. As the most comprehensive psychedelic index available, there are currently over 64 constituents that make up the index. 

The Psychedelic Index began on June 1, 2020, with an inception value of 100.00 and equal weighting for each constituent. Many of the index constituents have dual listings in Canada and the United States. The Psychedelic Index uses the listing (CSE vs OTC vs NEO, etc.) that has the highest traded volume for each specific company.

Your Finance Buddy, LLC is the manager of The Psychedelic Index and has full authority of the methodology, listing approvals, and inclusion of each index constituent. Neither Your Finance Buddy, LLC, The Psychedelic Index, nor Psychedelic Invest is compensated by any of the companies included within the index.

Constituent Eligibility Requirements

Each company included in The Psychedelic Index must have a portion of their business focused on psychedelics. Furthermore, their stock performance should reflect the success (or lack of success) within the psychedelic industry.  

Currently companies traded across US and Canadian exchanges are included in the index. The Psychedelic Index is rebalanced on a quarterly basis to reflect the top companies within the psychedelic industry.