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How Psilocybin Can Invigorate Your Life

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Segal Trials and Psychedelic Research in South Florida

After 24 years… and over 1,200 trials… across more than 75 therapies… Segal Trials is pushing into a new area of expertise—and helping pave the way for psychedelic clinical research. The company was recently selected as the first research site to conduct a Phase 2 study to test the efficacy and safety of LSD as…

Retreats and the Transformative Effects of Ketamine

Presented by What would it look like to create a profound, lasting transformation in your life? To completely rewire your brain to support growth and flexibility? To open yourself up to new awareness and insights you have never considered? To spark creativity and inspiration you have never imagined? Or to address and heal trauma from…


Numinus To Follow TSX Upgrade with US Listing in 2022 – CEO

Numinus Wellness [TSX:NUMI], a Vancouver-based psychedelic drug research firm with a network of Canadian ketamine-therapy clinics, plans to follow its December 16 listing on the main Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) with a listing on a US exchange in 2022, said Numinus CEO and founder, Payton Nyquvest. “We are aiming to list on a major US…


How to Effectively Market Your Psychedelic Brand

As you likely know, we are in the midst of a “shroom boom” and a “green wave”, with psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, CBD, and psychedelic substances receiving a lot of media attention. In many states, these substances are either being pushed towards decriminalization or being heavily researched in their use for therapeutic purposes.  The Growing Psychedelic…