The landscape of mental health and psychedelic therapy is continuously evolving, and at the forefront of this transformation is aNUma, a digital health company that is redefining the approach to serious disease care through innovative technology. With a strong foundation in San Rafael, CA, aNUma is making significant strides in addressing critical unmet needs in the mental health sector, particularly for those facing life-threatening conditions. This article delves into why aNUma’s advancements are newsworthy, the impact on the psychedelics industry, and why aNUma stands out as a company worth watching.

The Essence of aNUma

Founded in 2019, aNUma’s mission is to help people live better lives through profound experiences of connection. The company’s Experience Platform, a sophisticated spatial computing (VR) toolkit, is currently utilized by a network of collaborators to address various mental health indications. The flagship product, Clear Light, exemplifies the potential of this platform by transforming isolation into intimacy and fostering deep human connections.

Addressing Critical Needs with Clear Light

Clear Light is designed to meet the psycho-social-spiritual needs of over 3.1 million patients in the U.S. diagnosed annually with life-threatening conditions. Modern medical advancements often focus on extending life, but they frequently overlook the psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of patients. This oversight leads to a significant portion of the $350 billion spent annually in the last year of life merely prolonging suffering. Clear Light directly addresses this gap by humanizing the patient journey and enhancing their quality of life.

By delivering Clear Light as a fully outsourced service, aNUma aligns the interests of payors, providers, patients, and families. This approach not only reduces costs through fewer acute care hospital days, ICU admissions, and medical procedures but also provides priceless moments of meaningful connection for patients and their loved ones.

The Impact of aNUma on the Psychedelics Industry

The psychedelics industry is witnessing a renaissance, with growing recognition of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances. aNUma’s Clear Light product leverages this momentum by integrating cutting-edge technology with evidence-based psychedelic therapy. This combination has the potential to revolutionize how mental health issues, particularly those related to serious illnesses, are treated.

Clear Light’s use of virtual reality (VR) and spatial computing is particularly noteworthy. By creating immersive experiences that promote profound connections, aNUma is setting new standards for therapeutic interventions in the psychedelics industry. This innovation not only enhances patient outcomes but also opens up new avenues for research and application in various mental health conditions, including postpartum depression, substance-use disorder, and trauma.

aNUma’s Achievements and Future Prospects

aNUma’s journey is marked by significant achievements, including a strong core team, a proprietary, patent-pending platform, and a robust network of collaborators and advisors. The company’s evidence-based approach is supported by studies published in respected journals, with more research forthcoming. April 2024 was a pivotal month for aNUma, bringing in approximately $20,000 in cash payments, primarily from future Clear Light program participants.

Looking ahead, aNUma’s immediate goal is to secure seed funding to expand its operational infrastructure and deliver services to self-pay customers. With $500,000 in capital investment, aNUma projects the potential to generate $50,000 in monthly revenue while serving around 600 patients per year. This expansion will not only ensure positive cash flow but also build the evidence base necessary to partner with insurance payors, including Medicare Advantage plans.

Why aNUma is a Company to Watch

aNUma’s innovative approach to mental health and serious disease care positions it as a trailblazer in the psychedelics industry. The company’s commitment to evidence-based solutions, coupled with its ability to foster profound human connections through technology, sets it apart from traditional mental health interventions. As aNUma continues to grow and secure funding, its impact on the industry and the lives of patients will undoubtedly expand.


What makes aNUma’s Clear Light unique in the psychedelics industry? Clear Light combines advanced VR technology with evidence-based psychedelic therapy to create immersive experiences that address the psycho-social-spiritual needs of patients, setting a new standard in therapeutic interventions.

How does Clear Light benefit patients with life-threatening conditions? Clear Light humanizes the patient journey, reducing hospital stays and medical procedures while providing meaningful moments of connection that enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.

What are the future applications of aNUma’s technology? Future applications include programs for postpartum depression, substance-use disorder, and trauma, demonstrating the versatility and potential of aNUma’s Experience Platform in addressing various mental health conditions.

How does aNUma plan to expand its services? aNUma aims to secure $500,000 in seed funding to expand its operational infrastructure, allowing it to deliver services to self-pay customers and build the evidence base for partnerships with insurance payors.

What evidence supports the efficacy of Clear Light? aNUma’s approach is supported by published studies and ongoing research, including a significant upcoming paper in collaboration with UCSF and Imperial College, highlighting Clear Light’s effectiveness.

Why should investors consider aNUma? Investors have the opportunity to achieve significant returns while positively impacting the lives of families. aNUma’s innovative solutions, strong evidence base, and growth potential make it a compelling investment opportunity.


aNUma is at the forefront of a transformative wave in the psychedelics and mental health industries. By addressing critical unmet needs with innovative technology and evidence-based solutions, aNUma is redefining the approach to serious disease care. As the company continues to expand and secure funding, its impact on patient well-being and the broader industry will only grow. Investors and stakeholders alike should keep a close eye on aNUma’s journey as it continues to set new standards for mental health care.