Universities Researching Psychedelics

As the psychedelics ecosystem develops, educational institutions throughout the world continue to have significant impact. While many for-profit companies are currently pursuing a variety of different projects, universities have historically been host for the majority of psychedelics related research. 

Currently, there are many universities throughout the world who have partnered with for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to study psychedelic medicine*. 

The map below identifies universities that have been involved in a psychedelics related project. Psychedelic Invest, in partnership with Neuly, have compiled this information using data sourced from clinical trials, published research, and public announcements.

For investors, understanding the activities currently taking place in educational institutions around the world, provides a preview of future opportunities within the psychedelics ecosystem. 

*Note: Some Universities — although doing research into Ketamine — are not directly researching its psychedelic properties, or “mental health indications.” Psychedelic Invest has chosen to include these Universities, due to the potential ultimate impact their research may have on future psychedelic research.