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The Future of Psychedelics

Will 2023 be similar to 2022? We certainly hope not. But for what it’s worth, we did the research and made some reasonable predictions

COMING SOON: 2022 Year-in-Review Industry Reports

It has been quite a year for the psychedelics industry. We’ve experienced our fair share of ups and downs, opportunities and uncertainties, and a great deal of forward progress. With so much going on all the time, it can be tough to keep up. That’s why we strive to do all the research necessary to…

VIDEO Interview: A Psychedelic Conversation with Doug Drysdale, CEO of Cybin

In this interview, Adam Tubero and Doug Drysdale get into all things Cybin ($CYBN) including amorphous psilocybin, deuterated DMT, CYB003, and much more. Stay Tuned for More We expect to have more CEOs join us as we continue to uncover stories and represent the investor community. As always, stick around for even more interviews, in-depth…

Psychedelic Stock Market Update | November 2022

Let’s get straight to it: The psychedelic stock market continues to underperform.  Taking a look at our Psychedelic Invest Index, we can see that only two companies that trade for a greater than $50 million market cap were up in the month of November: atai Life Sciences (ATAI) & GH Research (GHRS). Wait, there are…