Tel Aviv, Israel / Vancouver, Canada, Feb. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clearmind Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq, CSE: CMND), (FSE: CWY) (“Clearmind” or the “company”), a biotech company focused on discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve major under-treated health problems, announced today that it has been granted divisional patent approval by the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

The granting of this latest patent establishes both the company’s patent protection around its flagship molecule as well as its extensive IP protection in the psychedelic space. Clearmind’s IP portfolio consists of fifteen utility patent families, including patents and applications having method of use and composition of matter claims which includes 24 pending patent applications and 27 granted patents in major jurisdictions such as the US, Europe, China, and India.

“We are proud to receive once again recognition of our innovative treatment for binge behaviors. This approval is a major milestone and significantly expands our IP protection as a leader in psychedelic-derived therapeutics. In various pre-clinical studies, carried out during the past 2 years, MEAI has demonstrated its ability to regulate binge behaviors, addiction and other mental health disorders. We believe these strong results demonstrate the significant potential of the MEAI molecule for various indications.”

– Clearmind’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani

MEAI is a new psychoactive molecule that reduces desire to consume alcoholic beverages and exerts a slight euphoric, alcohol-like experience with potential to change the lives of millions who struggle to drink in moderation. Clearmind’s MEAI-based flagship treatment focuses on Alcohol Use Disorder, which is incredibly common. It varies from mild to excessive and is characterized by a person’s inability to restrict their alcohol consumption, despite negative social, occupational, or health consequences. Clearmind’s MEAI may also be used to treat binge drinking, which can be a deadly addiction for some.

About Clearmind Medicine Inc.

Clearmind is a psychedelic pharmaceutical biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve widespread and underserved health problems, including alcohol use disorder. Its primary objective is to research and develop psychedelic-based compounds and attempt to commercialize them as regulated medicines, foods or supplements.

The Company’s intellectual portfolio currently consists of fifteen patent families. The Company intends to seek additional patents for its compounds whenever warranted and will remain opportunistic regarding the acquisition of additional intellectual property to build its portfolio.

Shares of Clearmind are listed for trading on Nasdaq and the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “CMND” and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “CWY.”