Clearmind Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ: CMND / CSE: CMND / FSE: CWY), a biotech company focused on discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve major under-treated health problems, will host a virtual investor conference titled “Psychedelics for Obesity” on Monday, June 12th, at 10:00 AM EST.

Interested participants are invited to register in advance by clicking here.

Clearmind recently announced positive pre-clinical results demonstrating efficacy of its drug candidate MEAI for treating obesity and metabolic syndrome. The study was led by Professor Joseph Tam, D.M.D., Ph.D., head of the Obesity and Metabolism Laboratory and Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the Hebrew University’s Institute for Drug Research.

Professor Tam will headline the conference discussing the challenges of obesity and the promising pre-clinical results for MEAI as a potential treatment.

Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani, Clearmind’s CEO, will present the company’s achievements and goals.

The conference will also feature Mark Haden, Clearmind’s VP of Business Development, and will be hosted by Shannon Smadella of Clearmind’s Community Development department.

About Clearmind Medicine Inc.

Clearmind is a psychedelic pharmaceutical biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve widespread and underserved health problems, including alcohol use disorder. Its primary objective is to research and develop psychedelic-based compounds and attempt to commercialize them as regulated medicines, foods or supplements.

The company’s intellectual portfolio currently consists of fourteen patent families. The company intends to seek additional patents for its compounds whenever warranted and will remain opportunistic regarding the acquisition of additional intellectual property to build its portfolio.