Psyence is pioneering the use of natural psilocybin for the long-term treatment of trauma and its mental health consequences.

The firm operates across multiple legal jurisdictions, through the provision of psychedelic therapy and experience, as well as market-leading Functional Mushroom brands and product portfolio.

The vertically-integrated company does a little bit everything. categorized in four different groups:

  • Psyence Therapeutics: Medicinal formulations and therapies to treat mental health disorders in a clinical environment.
  • Psyence Production: Commercially licensed and scalable non-synthetic GMP psilocybin cultivation and processing facility.
  • Psyence Experience: Premium retreats in Jamaica and Southern Africa reconnect people to nature, nourishing mind and body, and elevating consciousness.
  • Psyence Function: Health and wellbeing products that support the Psyence purpose and are based on proprietary formulations.
Name Psyence Group
Symbol PSYG