Consuming psychedelics can help unlock one’s potential and lead to achieving extraordinary outcomes. Drugs like LSD have psychoactive components which when released into the body, allow the mind to relax and improve the user’s focus. However, controlling the dosage of the drug is highly important, especially for entrepreneurs who consume psychedelics for creative purposes.

Common side effects of large dosages of psychedelics can include nausea, vomiting, headaches and pain in the stomach. However, when consuming smaller dosages, known as micro-dosing, negative side effects are limited. 

While 50 mg of LSD is considered to be a moderate amount, 10 to 20 mg of LSD is a normal micro-dosage ingested by those looking for creative perspectives. Entrepreneurs need to spend long hours working and in order to benefit from that time, they need to have an alert mental state as fatigue can disrupt their focus. 

Microdosing drugs like LSD and other psychedelics, allow the individual to avoid tiredness as their mental state is enhanced. The mind is relaxed, and the pain or stress stimuli are blocked by the drug which enhances the positive energies directed towards the brain, and in turn their output. 

Moreover, the individual’s focus is enhanced along with increased thinking ability. The psychoactive compounds improve the user’s stamina and their abilities allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively for a longer period of time.

Psychedelics and how they can help your brain’s cognitive ability:

Entrepreneurs need to spend time interacting with people and solving complex problems. Psychedelics are known to enhance the individual’s abilities and cause the mental flow state to be adjusted such that they are able to learn new things quickly. Greater energy, deeper peace, and more perceptive awareness along with greater clarity, keener intuition, and greater compassion are also among the effects of psychedelics. 

The increased flow of positive ideas leads to comprehension of greater concepts along with allowing new strategies to be formulated. Moreover, the complete awareness of complex ideas, provides the entrepreneur with opportunities to reform concepts and plans in order to successfully implement them. 

Being an entrepreneur requires a can-do attitude mixed with a healthy dose of stubbornness, as the pressures can be enormous. Microdosing can be the perfect solution for an entrepreneur, as it can help them increase their brains cognitive capabilities as well as creativity.