Homecoming, the creator of industry-leading patient engagement tools for psychedelic therapy, announced today that it has closed an over-subscribed $4 million seed funding round. The company will use the funding to scale its products and services, enabling clinics and retreats to effectively streamline their operations, improve patient care, and deliver better outcomes.

Investors in the seed round included Evolve Ventures and Integrated, who led the round, along with SV Angel, Bridge Builders Collaborative, Amanda Feilding, Lionheart Ventures, Ocama LP, JLS Fund, Michael Cotton, Seth Feuerstein, Talia Eisenberg, Jesse Hudson, and David Fraga.

“On our mission to combine best in class product design and community reciprocity commitments, we cannot be happier with the combination of mission-alignment and expertise among the investors in this round. With their financial and strategic support, we are positioned to become the backbone infrastructure for the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and ensure that our growth is fully aligned with the success of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.”

– Homecoming founder Yuriy Blokhin.

The Homecoming platform went live in October 2021, giving practitioners a powerful new way to support psychedelic therapy. With thoughtfully designed experiences and tools to help guide patients through each stage of treatment—before, between, and after sessions—Homecoming supports clients even before they arrive at a clinic or retreat, and after they graduate from a program. The platform is built on research showing that psychedelic therapy patients can achieve better outcomes when they prepare ahead of sessions, and continuously work to integrate their experiences afterward.

“Homecoming is setting the gold standard for psychedelic therapy technology platforms by providing better patient care and adherence, streamlining operations for clinic staff, and improving financial outcomes for clinic owners,” says Julius Mokrauer, Managing Director of Evolve Ventures. “It is providing an essential service for scaling up not just individual clinics, but the entire field of psychedelic treatments for mental health.”

“Homecoming’s contribution to psychedelic therapy and the field at large goes well beyond its intentional, patient-centric design,” says Andrew Chomer, General Partner at Integrated. “Through its industry-leading commitments to equity, reciprocity, and community, Homecoming is modeling how businesses can consciously support giving back while scaling transformative technologies.”

After notching a successful seed round, Homecoming is expanding its service to new clinics and retreats in addition to diversifying its product offering within its existing set of clients.

“We at Nushama aim to humanize medicine, and our collaboration with Homecoming is allowing us to do just that,” said Richard Meloff, co-founder of Nushama, a network of psychedelic wellness clinics that uses Homecoming. “Homecoming offers a platform where members have access to key preparation materials which provide not just information, but guidance and support from the beginning. Homecoming allows us to implement our protocols beyond the treatment setting, helping our members feel supported throughout their journey with us and beyond. They receive platform updates for community events, promoting connection, as well as reminders to breathe and check in with themselves, promoting self-care. With this mission-aligned partnership, we can create a level of support for our community that surpasses anything we could do alone. We are better together.”

Homecoming is also investing in developing new, more engaging resources and exercises for tech-augmented preparation and integration. Homecoming is in the process of creating a customizable program for ketamine therapy content, developed by leading ketamine therapists and clinical psychologists. The company also plans to use the seed funding to bring on talented new members of its fast-growing team.

With psychedelic therapy poised to revolutionize healthcare, Homecoming founder and CEO Yuriy Blokhin launched the company in 2021 on a mission to give back to the community while amplifying the work of psychedelic clinics. Ten percent of Homecoming’s entire equity pool has been directed to its non-profit partners: The Beckley Foundation, Therapsil, ICEERS, MAPS Canada, Canadian Psychedelic Association, Sage Institute, Reconsider, and the Heroic Hearts Project, a nonprofit that Blokhin co-founded to provide educational, financial, and counseling options to military veterans with PTSD seeking access to ayahuasca.

The app is now available for iPhone and Android as well as there’s available a modern web application for healthcare providers. Membership is required to access its features. Clinicians can sign up by scheduling a demo or contacting Homecoming at hello@homecoming.health.