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Colorado Votes Yes on Psychedelics

The votes are in, and Colorado citizens want access to psychedelics. On November 8, 2022, Colorado became the second US state to vote on a measure that legalizes psilocybin access in a therapeutic setting and decriminalizes personal use.  Proposition 122, or the Natural Medicine Health Act, has passed with 52% of voters supporting the measure….

Psychedelic Stock Market Update | October 2022

October was a pretty brutal month for the psychedelic stock market no matter which way you look at it. While the rest of the stock market performed well, individual psychedelic-focused stocks and ETFs performed poorly.  Before we get to psychedelics, let’s take a step back and review how other sectors of the market performed in…

Placebos in Psychedelic Studies

Research is fundamental to the study of psychology. Experiments allow for innovation, discoveries, and improved mental health therapies. For research to be reliable, it must be done ethically and credibly. One of the best ways to increase credibility and generalizability is by using placebos. Let’s dive deeper into psychology research and its main principles, including…

VIDEO: The MindMed Chronicles: What’s the Latest?

The following is a continuation of all our recent MindMed coverage. Last week, we published the first conversation with Jake Freeman. Click here to watch part 1 of the Jake Freeman interview. Click here to watch part 2 of the Jake Freeman interview. Before that, it all began with a two-part interview with Dr. Scott…