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The Arrival of Virtual Psychedelic Therapy

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The Toad That Naturally Produces DMT

The Toad That Naturally Produces DMT

There’s a desolate area in North America called the Sonoran Desert. The blazing heat of the sun and dry climate appear to be inhabitable. Yet, it’s home to the Sonoran Desert Toad which is the only known animal that can produce a psychedelic substance.  It’s astonishing that a toad has the ability to create a…

Bond Between Psychedelics and Nature

The Human Bond Between Psychedelics and Nature

Today humans spend the majority of their days sitting behind desks. In the past we used to coexist in nature, but sadly mankind is losing appreciation for our beautiful planet. Recent studies reveal a positive link between a person’s mental health and enjoying their natural environment. Could psychedelics be the solution to uniting humans and…

Re-Branding of Ketamine in Psychotherapy

In March of 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Spravato, a nasal spray comprised of ketamine to help treat depression. This psychedelic prescription is unique because a single dose can have beneficial effects in a few hours and can continue to help for weeks.  The cause of depression at the neuro level…

Psychologists and Psychedelics

Knowledge Gap Between Psychologists and Psychedelics

Our planet is experiencing a psychedelic renaissance as we enter into a new decade. People around the world are transitioning from pharmaceuticals to more natural medicines. As we move into this new form of healthcare are psychologists prepared to use psychedelic therapy?   The improper classification of psychedelics during the 1970’s halted most medical research. Currently…