• Eight conference sessions explore psychedelic research for Veterans.
  • Leading researchers and military professionals discuss promising advances, including trauma support, federal backing, and a pilot study on Ibogaine-Magnesium.
  • Psychedelic Science 2023: The Virtual Trip continues to add conference sessions, available on a sliding scale, to foster psychedelic knowledge.

In honor of Veterans Day, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is highlighting a series of insightful discussions focused on critical Veterans’ issues from its breakthrough conference, hosted in June 2023 and now available online through Psychedelic Science 2023: The Virtual Trip. This curated collection of sessions from the conference Veterans stage is part of MAPS’ ongoing commitment to supporting and advocating for Veterans living with PTSD.

“On this Veterans Day, we are proud to stand with the countless Veterans who, with great courage and vulnerability, have strengthened our efforts to discover, develop, and advocate for new ways to address mental injuries. Thank you, Veterans, for your continued service on behalf of your brothers and sisters — and the millions more who may benefit from your contribution on behalf of people with mental injuries, no matter the cause. We encourage everyone in our community to learn from and be inspired by the discussions from the Veterans stage at Psychedelic Science 2023.”
Betty Aldworth, Director of Communications, MAPS

These insightful discussions address a variety of relevant topics for the Veteran community. Each presentation brings together leading researchers and military professionals to shed light on Veterans’ challenges and explore innovative solutions in psychedelic research.

Sessions include:

“As we continue to serve our community, as we continue to forward this mission…Let us remember to continue to take care of ourselves, to show up for others. It’s important!”
Itzel Barakat, Veterans Advocate, from Healing Our Heroes: A Dinner Honoring Veterans and First Responders

The release of these talks underscores MAPS’ commitment to advancing the conversation around the need for new treatment options for Veterans and all who suffer from PTSD and other mental injuries. These exclusive videos, along with many more sessions, are available exclusively on psychedelicscience.org.