A for-profit corporation and a non-profit organization are teaming up to help bring MDMA-assisted therapy to PTSD patients…

Health and wellness fund Vine Ventures and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) announced that they’re co-creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

The SPV, which will be called the Regenerative Financing Vine (RFV), will have the specific goal of injecting $70 million into the space to improve research and PTSD patient access.

The news marks a huge step in the industry, as the first time the for-profit and non-profit sectors have partnered to accelerate the adoption of psychedelic and MDMA therapies.

Importantly, the joint project will continue to meet the rigorous nonprofit requirements of MAPS and its drug development subsidiary, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC).

Vine CEO Ryan Zurrer said:

We’ve been honored to work with MAPS to create this novel funding structure that empowers them to deliver on their mission of mass mental health. Getting MAPS out ahead of the industry will create a commercial and cultural bar that puts patient access first.

Florida psychedelic fund Iter Investments also plans to invest in RFV.

Cofounder Robert Velarde said about his fund’s plans to support the project:

Iter Investments is excited to be participating in the Regenerative Financing Vine SPV in support of MAPS. This financing structure is transformational for the psychedelics industry and will enable MAPS to successfully commercialize MDMA, once approved by the FDA, and provide broad access to psychedelic therapies to those in need.

According to the American Psychiatry Association, about one in 11 people will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime… and symptoms can be debilitating—and long-lasting—for the sufferer.

MAPS’s early research–including two Phase 3 trials (one successful and one in the final stages)—shows impressive results when it comes to treating PTSD with MDMA therapy: 88% of participants show significantly reduced PTSD symptoms, and 67% no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis.