On February 11th, the lobbying organization named Decriminalize Nature Boulder County met to discuss how Boulder, Colorado can follow in the footsteps of three US cities, including nearby Denver.

If successful, Boulder would become the fourth US city to decriminalize the  possession of plant-related psychedelic substances including mushrooms.

However, the lobbying organization is taking a different approach compared to most grassroots efforts. Instead of collecting signatures on a petition, they will be meeting directly with elected officials throughout Boulder County.

What the exact discussions will entail are unknown, but there is an overwhelming amount of new research that suggest psychedelics are extremely effective for treating anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments.

Based upon Colorado’s forward thinking legislation which legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, the possibility that psychedelics could follow a similar path is real.

Across the US there are dozens of other cities that are considering enacting similar decriminalization measures, just as Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz have within the past year.