Earlier today during a press conference, the Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission held a press conference announcing its intended focus on treatments for addiction, most specifically ibogaine treatments for opioid addiction.

Approximately $42 million will be allocated over the next seven years to develop safety protocols and to host clinical trials for ibogaine.

“Ibogaine is an alkaloid derived from three plant sources” found in West African countries. “Anecdotal evidence that is a mountain high and decades wide suggests that ibogaine, within 48 to 72 hours of administration in safe, clinically-controlled conditions, resolves opioid withdrawal syndrome,” exclaimed W. Bryan Hubbard, who chairs the Kentucky Commission.

“If this anecdotal evidence can be clinically validated, ibogaine would represent a transformative therapeutic or treatment of opioid use disorder.”

W. Bryan Hubbard, Kentucky’s Opioid Advisory Commission Chair

We’ll continue to follow this story, and other similar cases, as it/they develop.