On this episode of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast, host Bruce Eckfeldt is joined by Alex Atwood.

Below is how Alex describes himself on LinkedIn.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since elementary school when I bought and resold candy and bubble gum from the grocery at a 150% markup. Since then, I have been a founder and CEO of four highly successful companies as a purpose-driven leader whose focus is on optimizing human potential. I have served more than 8,000 satisfied customers in staffing, hospitality and facilities management for more than two decades. I’m also an angel investor in firms that help build a better world, as well as a philanthropist with a soft spot for owners and operators of family businesses.

My deep involvement with personal growth and development includes coaching for Landmark Worldwide, subscriber to the Nonviolent Communication philosophy espoused by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. and twice-daily meditation. I plan on pursuing advanced sidhi training, and regularly attend jungle and mountain retreats. Other interests include various modalities of self-exploration such as temazcal, Cacao and plant medicine work, while I consider myself a decent drummer and newfound skateboard enthusiast.

My latest venture is focused on helping businesses RE-OPEN and STAY OPEN during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing effective non-toxic disinfection as a service and guidance on regulatory compliance in the D.C. and Baltimore metro area, so together we can create a safer world. I’m putting displaced hospitality workers back to work by testing and disinfecting the businesses they once served. Learn more at www.sanistaff.com

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