They say it takes a small village to raise a child, but in most cases the responsibility falls onto the parents. They are responsible for shaping their children into productive young adults. Psychedelics can help modern day parents teach their children life lessons about ego, happiness, and empathy.

Parenting can be a very demanding job. For some they balance their kids with a lengthy work schedule. With the stress of working and parenting some can become depressed. Psychedelics are an excellent alternative because research shows it elevates the levels of happiness and well being. Having a positive state of mind is critical because parents serve as a role model for their kids.

Psychedelics not only help shape the perspective of a consumer, but the lessons are also shared with people around them. Lessons about empathy that took adults decades to develop can be simplified into stories for their kids. These early positive perspectives shape young minds and create a bond between that will last a lifetime.

Legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and prescription opioids kill millions of people a year. The impact of legal drugs may actually have a more devastating impact on parenting. Studies show that psychedelics such as magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug by far and require the least amount of medical attention.

If parents take psychedelics properly the benefits can be very widespread for the entire family. Being raised by a well rounded and positive role model can help provide a better life for children.