Vancouver, British Columbia, September 1, 2021 – Filament Health Corp. NEO:FH. (“Filament” or the “Company”), a leading exclusively-natural psychedelic drug development company, today announced that it has filed its 20th patent application in support of the Company’s research phase programs. These filings include three international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications.

“This milestone sets us ahead of industry peers and demonstrates the strength of our IP strategy. Many naturally occurring compounds have great potential to alleviate suffering, and our patent filings cover a range of innovative technologies necessary for transforming the healing power of those compounds into pharmaceutical standardized form.”

– Benjamin Lightburn, Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to Filament’s issuance of the first patent for natural psilocybin extraction and standardization on August 3rd, 2021, the Company filed a US nonprovisional patent application as well as a PCT application claiming priority to the issued patent.

The Patent Examiner’s allowance and issuance of all claims is demonstrable evidence of the patent’s novelty, inventive steps, and utility. The patent includes claims to the processing, extraction, and standardization of psychoactive compounds to support the company’s clinical research programs.

“We will leverage our success in Canada by utilizing the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) in the United States and internationally,” said Taran Grey, Director of Intellectual Property. “This will allow Filament to achieve patent issuance more quickly as the PPH uses fast-track examination procedures among participating patent offices such as those in the US, Canada, and Europe.”


Filament is an exclusively-natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction technology company. Its mission is to see safe, approved, natural psychedelics in the hands of everyone who needs them as soon as possible. Filament believes measurable and efficacious medicines will be a catalyst to addressing many of the world’s mental health problems and that natural psychedelics provide an optimal option for widespread adoption of these substances. Filament engages in natural extraction technology commercialization, utilizing its intellectual property portfolio, in-house GMP facility, and Health Canada Dealer’s License for all natural psychedelics. Filament is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and trades on Canada’s NEO Exchange (NEO:FH).

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