Often referred to as “magic mushrooms,” psilocybin has been growing in popularity as one of the leading psychedelics for mental health treatments. Because it’s a mushroom, it’s easy to understand, easy to visualize, and theoretically – easy to consume.

Psilocybin, and other forms of mushrooms, have also been widely adopted as a means for microdosing to enhance human performance. This provides psilocybin with a myriad of potential use cases and presents itself as one of the most accessible psychedelic medicine that exists.

For this Mindshifting Moment, Host Margaret Williamson will speak to the CEO of Beckley Retreats, Neil Markey, about how psilocybin is helping business leaders around the world. As the co-founder and leader of Beckley Retreats himself, Neil offers a perspective that can only be gleaned from someone that fully understands its potential and witnesses noteworthy outcomes first-hand from guests.

After this mindshifting conversation, we’re hoping you’ll walk away with more clarity. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an answer to the general question… “How can psilocybin help executives?”

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The transcription will be available after the event.