In this important episode of Mindshifting Moments, Margaret Williamson is joined by Yuriy Blokhin of Homecoming Health.

During this conversation, the two talk about what’s currently happening in Ukraine and the many ways psychedelics, and society as a whole, could play a role in assisting civilians surrounded by war and trauma.

More About Yuriy Blokhin

On his LinkedIn profile, Yuriy describes himself as follows…

As the founder of Homecoming, I am on a mission to support the graceful integration of psychedelics into the fabric of modern culture. While these medicines are the most promising solution to the global mental health crisis, they won’t work sustainably without specialized psychotherapy and infrastructure. At Homecoming, we’re building tools and technologies to support and amplify the essential work of psychotherapists by giving them better data and patient support infrastructure to guide the therapeutic process.

For many years I have been passionate about rethinking how we as a society address mental health issues. In a consulting role, I was privileged to help a therapy chatbot company, Koko AI, with its product and partnerships, which led to an eventual acquisition by Airbnb. I am also active in the veteran community as a founding team member of the Heroic Hearts Project non-profit. Our team offers educational, financial, and counselling options to veterans with PTSD seeking access to ayahuasca and other psychedelic therapies.

I studied mathematical physics at the University of Waterloo but dropped out to start working at Kik as its first employee. It eventually became one of the most popular mobile apps globally (300m registered users). I am now studying part-time towards a liberal arts degree in religion and philosophy at Harvard Extension School. I firmly believe that having a strong foundation in humanities is a must for anyone making strategic decisions about technology.

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