Mindset Pharma Inc. (CSE: MSET | FSE: 9DF |OTCQB: MSSTF), a drug discovery company developing novel, optimized, next-generation psychedelic and non-psychedelic medications to treat neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders with unmet medical needs, and PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc (CSE: MDMA), a biotechnology company focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of MDXX class molecules, including MDMA, today announced that PharmAla has completed the first sale of a quantity of Mindset’s cGMP (i.e. pharmaceutical grade) psilocybin under their exclusive sales agreement.

The psilocybin is being purchased by Reset Mind Sciences Limited (“Reset”), a Western Australian based company focused on psychedelic medicines, and a subsidiary of ASX listed Little Green Pharma (“LGP”). Reset recently received human research ethics committee approval for a clinical trial investigating psilocybin assisted psychotherapy protocols for patients with treatment resistant major depressive disorder.

“We’re pleased to see the first sale of our pharmaceutical grade psilocybin completed through our partnership with PharmAla. Since the recent approval of psilocybin and MDMA as prescription medicines in Australia, we have seen great interest from Australian companies in our psilocybin supply. Given the regulatory developments in Australia, we expect this to be the beginning of a fruitful partnership between Mindset and PharmAla thanks to the combined strengths of our novel synthesis processes and sales infrastructure.”

James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset

“This is further validation of our sales and development model,” said Nick Kadysh, CEO of PharmAla. “As markets like Australia begin to open to clinical treatments, the pace of research will go up – not down. PharmAla continues to provide best-in-class regulatory support to our clinical trial customers, and we look forward to helping Reset Mind Sciences as they progress through their exciting R&D program.”

About PharmAla

PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of MDXX class molecules, including MDMA. PharmAla was founded with a dual focus: alleviating the global backlog of generic, clinical-grade MDMA to enable clinical trials, and to develop novel drugs in the same class. PharmAla is the first publicly-traded company to manufacture clinical-grade MDMA. PharmAla’s research and development unit has completed proof-of-concept research into ALA-002, PharmAla’s lead drug candidate. PharmAla is a “regulatory first” organization, formed under the principle that true success in the psychedelics industry will only be achieved through excellent relationships with regulators.