Nootropics, Cannabis, and Psychedelics are Becoming Keys to Creativity

What really is creativity? All the great poets, writers and artists were all creative and as it turns out they all had their little hack to get the desired level of creativity. Recreation is one of the major factors that contributes towards creativity and in decades past, alcohol was often the choice for many artists.

However, today artists and increasingly, entrepreneurs follow a different approach. Psychedelics, nootropics and cannabis are becoming real tools for creativity. Here’s why:

Nootropics are drugs, supplements and other substances that help improve cognitive function. They also help in enhancing creativity, motivation, and improving memory for an individual.

After alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, cannabis is the most used recreational drug in most developed countries. Cannabis contains psychoactive compounds which lead to a state of relaxation, euphoria, and allows consumers to develop the ability of philosophical thinking, introspection, and metacognition.

Psychedelics come from a variety of sources, with most being derived from plants (which may be ingested in their raw form). Psychedelics are widely used in recreational processes and users have reported effects like increased mental flow and reduced fatigue.

Nootropics, cannabis and psychedelics have effects which are highly beneficial for creative processes and thus their ingestion helps in producing new ideas. Creativity greatly depends upon the steady mental flow state, which allows for brilliant ideas to be produced if the mind is relaxed.

The mental flow state can be attained without the use of nootropics, cannabis or any form of psychedelics; however, their use tends to speed up the process. The psychoactive components in the drugs break down immediately after ingestion, with effects setting in relatively quickly.

Consumers feels relieved, incredibly relaxed, and often at peace. The stimuli for pain and stress are blocked thus the mind is free of any form of negative energy. This allows the brain to direct positive energy towards forming new ideas. This is the stage where creative ideas are born.

Apart from relieving stress, these drugs are well known for reducing fatigue. Users feel active and alert after ingesting these substances and can work for longer periods of time. This provides individuals with a greater amount of time to form and improve their ideas.

Nootropics, cannabis, and psychedelics have properties which help in the creative processes and are now becoming key factors to productivity.