The 1960’s is often believed to have created psychedelic designs, but it actually started during the late 19th century. The late 1800’s was a period of modernization and technological advances. The urbanization of the landscape influenced a design called Art Nouveau which is the origin of psychedelic design.

During the late 1800’s artists and designers wanted their work to convey energetic feelings in developing cities. Artists believed that design and functionality should go together. This gave birth to products with abstract patterns, plants, and females. Even ordinary objects such as door knobs were both functional and full of artistic etched designs.

It wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that a cultural renaissance in art revamped abstract themed designs. The psychedelic art style during the 1960’s began when fonts and patterns appeared in concert posters to capture people’s attention. Shortly after the psychedelic themed designs began appearing on clothing, video visuals, cars and more…

The 1960’s are synonymous with psychedelic design, but it’s fascinating that the vibrant style over 70 years prior during the 1890’s. Will the current psychedelic advances in legislation and medical research start another revival of Art Nouveau designs?