Orthogonal is a Hawaiian based holding company focused on health and well-being products. In April of 2020, Orthogonal finished filing a U.S. provisional patent application on a new product called Psilly. The patent is for a unique psilocin blend with natural alkaloids. Orthogonal plans on making it a flagship natural product in the psychedelic space.

Filing this application allows us to move forward with expanding access to an improved version of psilocin that is not yet available on the market

Jason Hobson – CEO of Orthogonal

The aspect of Psilly that differentiates it from other psilocybin based medicines is the proprietary blend that uses natural alkaloids. The special part of alkaloids is they have psychotropic effects like psilocin and stimulant effects like caffeine.

Orthogonal also has a psychedelic lifestyle brand called PsillyLife. The brand’s goal is to promote global awareness and provide scientific information on the benefits of psilocybin. By educating the public on the benefits of psilocybin it helps grow worldwide acceptance on of the compound.