Reunion Neuroscience Inc. (NASDAQ: REUN | TSX: REUN), a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing innovative and patented therapeutic solutions for underserved mental health conditions, announced today that it has appointed Robert Alexander, M.D. as the Company’s Chief Medical Officer, effective immediately. Dr. Alexander will report to Greg Mayes, Reunion’s President and CEO.

“Robert’s extensive experience as a biotech industry veteran will be crucial as we continue to progress RE104 through the clinic and approach our Phase 2 study launch in postpartum depression, Following Reunion’s successful interim data analysis for its Phase 1 trial with lead asset RE104, Robert will further guide us in advancing RE104 to the next stage of development for the millions of patients in need.”

Greg Mayes, Reunion’s President and CEO

Dr. Alexander previously served as Vice President and Head, Clinical Science, in the Neuroscience Therapeutic Area Unit at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, managing all clinical trials in neuroscience from Phase 1 through 3. Prior to Takeda, Dr. Alexander served as Chief Medical Officer, BioTherapeutics, at Pfizer, directing clinical pharmacology and statistics groups while simultaneously holding the position of Vice President and Head of the Clinical Neuroscience and Pain Research Unit at the company. Dr. Alexander also held various other senior leadership roles at AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Merck & Co and received his M.D. degree from The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and specializes in psychopharmacology, having conducted or supervised clinical studies in a broad range of neurologic and psychiatric indications.

“What separates Reunion from the other CNS-focused biotech companies working with psychedelic medicine today is two-fold: first, its truly innovative asset, RE104, is the only 4-OH-DiPT drug in development. Second, the Company’s strong intellectual property position gives Reunion a significant competitive advantage over others in the space,” added Dr. Alexander. “As the Company looks to progress RE104 through the clinic in an industry that is ripe for innovation – not to mention with patients all over the world who are in dire need of a new solution – I am confident in Reunion’s role as an industry leader looking to disrupt the mental health treatment landscape as we know it.”

About Reunion Neuroscience Inc.

Reunion is committed to developing innovative therapeutic solutions for underserved mental health conditions. The Company’s lead asset, RE104, is a proprietary, novel serotonergic psychedelic compound being developed as a potential fast-acting and durable treatment for patients suffering from postpartum depression and other mental health conditions. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Company a patent for the claims related to RE104, granting it exclusive rights to the composition of matter, use and manufacturing of a family of hemi-ester compounds of hydroxytryptamines, including RE104. The patent will provide protection until 2041. Reunion is also developing the RE200 series, which includes compounds with potential for more selective serotonin receptor activity with reduced psychoactivity for potential use in more chronic treatment paradigms and indications.