Last week, an investor group made up of a few of the original co-founders of Mind Medicine ($MNMD) issued a letter to the company’s Board of Directors.

You can read the entire 6-page letter here.

Our Exclusive Interview with Scott Freeman

After this letter was released, we wanted more information. What is the real story here?

So Adam Tubero connected with Dr. Scott to further dive into his experience working with MindMed and his thoughts on the company today.

During the interview, he explains his background and the related origin story of Savant/MindMed. He then goes on to talk about his optimism around the future use of LSD and Ibogaine (18mc).

A Two-Part Interview

This is the first part of an hour-long interview. Stay tuned for part two where Dr. Scott backs his belief about how MindMed has lost its way and how he wants to help right the ship.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.