Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. (NEO: MEDI | OTC: KONEF | FRA: SQ2), an evidence-based mental healthcare company focused on the development and implementation of innovative clinical solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics as supported by clinical research, together with its wholly owned subsidiary KGK Sciences Inc. (‘KGK’), applauds the efforts on the part of the Alberta Government in laying out an initial regulatory plan to regulate the administration of psychedelic drugs in anticipation of this growing mental health treatment field.

Alberta’s new regulations would require that the administration of psychedelic drugs as an adjunct to psychotherapy take place in licensed facilities. Clinics will be required to apply for a license before treating patients with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for mental health disorders. In addition, a psychiatrist must act as medical director and staff be appropriately qualified and trained. The regulations are planned to take effect in January 2023.

‘Alberta’s new regulations aim to set minimum standards for the safe administration of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. This is a necessary and progressive step towards the clinical adoption of these ground-breaking treatments and a clear signal of the medical establishment’s acceptance of psychedelics as a legitimate therapy. I applaud the goal of the program in providing a treatment standard, however, it’s important to recognize that access is still limited by Federal regulations and remain hopeful in further progress being made on that front. Hopefully other provinces will now follow Alberta’s lead and establish guidelines that may help facilitate expanded access nationally.’

Najla Guthrie, CEO of Wellbeing & KGK Science

Although psychedelic drugs are illegal in Canada, doctors and researchers can apply to Health Canada to use them in clinical trials, get special access for therapy, or seek an exemption that’s in the public interest

About KGK Science

Subsidiary of Wellbeing Digital Sciences, KGK is a leading North American contract research organization based in London, Ontario that primarily provides high-quality clinical research trials with a focus on nutraceutical and emerging health care products. Founded in 1997, the business has successfully helped hundreds of companies with custom designed clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies to move products into global markets. KGK’s other existing service lines include expert regulatory support and compliance solutions, participant recruitment, research support services and consulting services. Furthermore, the company has produced over 150 publications, executed over 400 clinical trials across more than 40 indications, amassed 25,000 participants in its database and collected 10 million data points.

About Wellbeing Digital Sciences

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. is an evidence-based mental healthcare company focused on the development and implementation of innovative clinical treatment solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapeutics, as supported by clinical research. Its mission is supported by a network of North American clinics that provide forward-thinking therapies and other types of treatment to patients as well as through a contract research organization that offers clinical trials services to clients pursuing drug development.