Wesana Health Holdings Inc. (CSE: WESA), a data-driven life sciences company, announced today that the Company’s Wesana Clinics business segment has surpassed 4,000 administered ketamine treatments for major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction since inception.

“This is a significant achievement for Wesana Clinics. There is an urgent need for innovative and effective treatments to combat the current budding epidemics of suicide, addiction, anxiety, and depression. We continue to believe that Wesana’s clinical network remains at the forefront of mental health advancements while maintaining a strong foundation in traditional psychiatric care.”

Daniel Carcillo, CEO of Wesana Health

Wesana’s psychiatrist-led clinical network includes two flagship clinics strategically located in Oak Brook and Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Since 2016, under the leadership of Wesana’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Abid Nazeer, the clinics have helped thousands of patients through integrated treatment and a comprehensive therapeutic approach.

Contributing to the advancement in patient care at the clinic level is Wesana’s proprietary clinical patient monitoring and management platform, Wesana Solutions. Currently in the beta testing phase, Wesana Solutions looks to improve mental healthcare by tracking the efficacy of clinical protocols with a particular focus on clinics delivering personalized care, inclusive of ketamine therapy.

“In the past, I would need to rely solely on the subjective reporting of a patient or a family member regarding symptoms. Now, there is a way to gather and process the data, which helps guide clinical decision making,” said Dr. Nazeer. He added: “this is addressing a need.”

About Wesana Health

Wesana Health is an emerging life sciences company championing the development of innovative approaches for better understanding, protecting, and improving neurological health and performance. Through extensive clinical research and academic partnerships, Wesana Health is developing evidence-based formulations and protocols, including psilocybin-based therapies, that empower patients to overcome neurological, psychological, and mental health ailments. Learn more at www.wesanahealth.com. In order to comply with applicable corporate practice of medicine laws, the Wesana Clinics are solely licensed physician owned and are organized as physician practices, with the Company providing management services to the Wesana Clinics.