With season one of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast in the books, season two is right around the corner. Since there are so many amazing people in this industry making an impact, though, we couldn’t wait to publish more content.

That’s why we’re releasing a subseries for the podcast called “Psychedelic Investors.” This miniseries will feature venture capitalists and angel investors that are providing the much-needed capital to the businesses making a difference in this space.

In the first episode of the special edition of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast, host Bruce Eckfeldt talks with Cody Shandraw, the Managing Partner at Ambria Capital and Phyto Partners, about the current wave of psychedelic companies and investments. 

Cody has made significant investments in a wide range of psychedelics companies. All the while, he and his funds have maintained their bullish outlook on the impact that mission-driven entrepreneurs can have on humanity. 

Stay tuned next week for another special edition of Psychedelic Investors. Also, be sure to subscribe to be notified when season two will be released.

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