Wonderland Miami— one of the psychedelic industry’s premier annual conferences— is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Just in case you aren’t here is everything you need to know so that you can show up next week fully prepared. The week is full of talks, events, and opportunities to help you succeed in the psychedelic space. Being prepared will help you get the most out of your experience. This is what you need to know.

Wonderland Miami Schedule

You’ll be able to pick up your passes on Thursday morning starting at 7 AM. However, you can also stop by the venue on Wednesday between 10 AM and 4 PM— that way, you won’t have to wait in lines the morning of. 

The conference officially begins on Thursday (November 9) at Ice Palace Film Studios in Miami. Venue doors open at 8:30 AM, with morning activities starting promptly. If you want to hone your psychedelic state of mind before darting around to all the various talks and panels, make sure to check out one of the morning meditation or breathwork sessions.

The exhibition floor and stage presentations run from 9 AM to 6 PM all three days, with a lunch break scheduled from 2-3.  

That is everything you need to know about scheduling, so let’s dive into all the different talks and events you can attend.

Wonderland Miami’s Psychedelic Discussions & Panels

The conference has dozens of speeches, panels, and discussions for every facet and interest in the psychedelic industry. These events will be running from 9 AM to 3 PM on Thursday and until 6 PM on Friday and Saturday. 

Topics range from politics and science to ethics and longevity. This year’s conference is tackling some complex subjects with talks like “A Tale of Two (High) Societies: UK Psychedelica and the American Land of the Free,” and “Longevity Market and Investment Scape with Phil Newman.” You can check out the full list of speaker engagements here.

Wonderland After Hours

There are tons of networking events scheduled throughout the week, so if you are dying for something extra, you’re in for a treat! 

Events start the evening before the conference, on Wednesday, November 8. The conference will be holding an official reception for VIPs and Press. If you didn’t make it on that list, don’t worry. There are several other events you can attend to kick off your psychedelic experience. 

Here are a couple of the events going on Wednesday night. You can reach out to the hosts to reserve your spot.

Once the conference kicks off, there will be nightly activities following the daily event. 

On Thursday Night, you can head back to Ice Palace Film Studios at 9 PM to attend the Wonderland Awards, where the industry’s top players will be honored for their tireless work to increase global access to psychedelic medicines. 

Friday night, there is no official after-hours event, but there is plenty going on! Nucleus and Iter Investments are holding a Psychedelic Happy Hour Mixer from 4-8 PM.

These are just a few of the many events taking place across Miami during Miami Psychedelic Week! Click here for more after-hours events going on throughout the week. And, if you are still in town on Sunday, make sure to check out Psychedelic Soccer. Though this is apparently not a game of people playing soccer while under the influence of psychedelics (like I hoped it would be), it’s bound to be a great way to finish off the week.

Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

Wonderland Miami is packed to the brim with exciting learning and networking opportunities. Heading into the week without a game plan may be fun, but some planning is crucial if you have a specific objective for attending the conference. 

Figure out your goal for the conference before you start planning. This will inform what you prioritize during the week. For example, if your goal is simply to learn about psychedelics, you may schedule more time to wander the conference and focus on panels that discuss the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Or, if you are trying to bolster your investment strategy, you’ll want to look for after-hours events for people in the financial sector of the industry. No matter your goal, there is plenty to help you accomplish it at Wonderland Miami.

You can take a look at the full schedule of keynote speakers, fireside chats, and panel discussions here to get a jump start on your planning. We recommend figuring out what you want to go to before showing up at the event to ensure that you don’t miss anything important. When planning, make sure to schedule in time to check out the exhibition floor, network, and grab a quick bite to stay fueled up throughout the day. 

You should also figure out your transportation for the event. The venue does not have on-site parking. There are various parking options available around the venue. However, some require you to move or refill the meter every couple of hours, making it difficult to keep the flow of your day going. And, parking is likely to fill up quickly at the beginning of the day. 

There you have it, everything you need to know so that you are prepared to make the most of your time at Wonderland Miami. Make sure to come prepared for lots of inspiring talks, fun interactions, and psychedelic activities. We hope to see you there!