On this edition of Mindshifting Moments, host Margaret Williamson welcomes Kaia Roman, a psychonaut, bestselling author, and Chief Experience Officer at KetaMD.

What is At-Home Ketamine Therapy?

As the CXO of KetaMD, Kaia Roman is quite knowledgeable about how ketamine therapy is conducted remotely. During this episode, the pair explores all of the details you need to know about the at-home experience.

Spirituality at the Workplace

Have you ever wondered how much spirituality would be accepted at your office? Spirituality is not something that we talk about openly at the workplace, but that needs to change. During this episode, Kaia also talks about how spirituality can play a role in corporate culture.

KetaMD’s Recent Business Deal

A few weeks ago, it was announced that KetaMD was acquired by another company. Tune in to learn more about the acquisition.

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