A lot has happened so far this week in the psychedelics industry. In fact, even in typing that, I feel like I’m understating all of the events that have been taking place recently.

What does that mean? Well, of course, that means we wanted to pass the microphone to our very own Adam Tubero for another jam-packed edition of Weekly Extractions. During this episode, he provides a brief update on the Red Light Holland and Wiz Khalifa news from last week, rants about Cathie Wood’s ongoing admiration for Atai Life Sciences, dives into CaaMTech’s partnership with the Shulgin institute, and unearths some more Cybin news.

Oh, and didn’t Netflix just release Michael Pollan’s ‘How To Change Your Mind’ docuseries yesterday?

Extraction #1: Wiz Khalifa Talks Psychedelics on Jimmy Kimmel

If you ever wanted proof that psychedelics are entering the mainstream, this week certainly seems to be validating that as the case. On top of the highly anticipated Netflix series launching, Wiz Khalifa talked about his psychedelics brand on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Yes, you heard that right. So that’s something.

Extraction #2: Cathie Wood is Back At It

Cathie Wood’s ARKG continued to buy Atai Life Sciences ($ATAI) this week. While it’s safe to say that Cathie Wood is becoming more and more of a growing advocate of the industry, this also proves that it might be a good time to buy for those looking to capitalize on the recent dips in the market.

What psychedelics company do you think Cathie Wood will look at next?

Extraction #3: Cybin News

Cybin ($CYBN) purchased a phase one study from Entheon Medical. As Adam mentions, this will shave about nine months off of their timeline. This signals confidence Cybin’s has in their formulation and in the future of DMT in general.

In other Cybin news, CYB003 is a psilocybin analog that Cybin is also trying to push through clinical trials right now. They’ve already begun enrollment. The purpose of the study is to determine the safety and tolerability of ascending oral doses of CYB003 in participants with major depressive disorder (MDD).

Extraction #4: CaaMTech + The Shulgin Institute

CaaMTech, Inc. and the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute, Inc. (ASRI) jointly announced an agreement to carry out structural and chemical analyses of previously unreported compounds designed and synthesized by the late Dr. Alexander Shulgin. 

This is exciting news considering everything that Dr. Alexander Shulgin has contributed to this industry.

Extraction #5: Michael Pollan’s ‘How To Change Your Mind” Launches on Netflix

In case you’re living under a rock, Netflix released the docuseries ‘How To Change Your Mind’ yesterday. The four-part series follows Michael Pollan’s bestselling book and showcases one compound in each of the episodes.

Extraction #6: Ann Shulgin Passes Away at 91

Finally, Ann Shulgin passed away this week. As a pioneer in this industry, we want to pay our respects and thank her for all of her contributions. She leaves behind quite a remarkable body of work and legacy.

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