After a monumental last week for the psychedelics sector, we’re back with another edition of Weekly Extractions. In this episode, Adam Tubero reviews why you shouldn’t be sleeping on Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals and reviews the programs they have running. He also goes over Field Trip’s recent clinical trial developments, Compass Pathways’ new executive hire, and as a bonus, Michael Pollan continues to make the rounds.

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Extraction #1: More People Should Be Talking about Gilgamesh

We wrote about Gilgamesh a few months ago regarding its series B funding round. Still, it seems they continue to fly under the radar. Gilgamesh’s current portfolio includes four programs. Of them, GM-1020 is under development and is being tested to treat depression and can potentially be considered for at-home use in the future, due to it being consumed orally. The company is claiming that this version of ketamine can/will have a more robust safety protocol, which allows them to tackle the at-home ketamine market directly.

They do also have three other programs underway. Similar to $ATAI, they are branching out beyond strictly the classic psychedelic compounds. For more detailed information on those programs, refer to the video inside the episode.

Extraction #2: Field Trip’s First Dosings of FT-104

Field Trip ($FTRP) announced that their phase 1 clinical trial of FT-104 is underway. FT-104 is a prodrug of 4-OH-DiPT. In the video, Adam mentions his experience and perspective on this variation, which happens to have similarities with some of the compounds you might be more familiar with.

Extraction #3: Compass Brings in New CEO

Compass Pathways ($CMPS) hired big pharma veteran, Kabir Nath as Chief Executive Officer. You can read more about the move, and what it means for the company, in their official press release.

Extraction #4: Michael Pollan on the Stephen Colbert Show

Michael Pollan continues to bring psychedelics to the mainstream by making appearances on popular television shows. Last night, he appeared as a guest on the Stephen Colbert show, where he talked about “how Psilocybin and MDMA will be legal therapeutic drugs within five years.” You can watch the full nine-minute video below.

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