The following is part two of a two-part interview with Dr. Scott Freeman.

Revisiting “The Letter”

As a refresher, an investor group made up of a few of the original co-founders of Mind Medicine ($MNMD) issued a letter to the company’s Board of Directors last week.

You can read the entire 6-page letter here.

Part Two of Our Exclusive Interview with Scott Freeman

The second half of Adam Tubero’s interview with Dr. Scott Freeman gets into more of the finer details around the impetus of the letter and his intentions for helping MindMed succeed as a concerned shareholder.

Adam also digs into Scott’s history in biotech, his passion and optimism around LSD, why he is still pushing for 18 MC, and much more.

Revisit Part One of the Interview

If you’re here before watching the first half of the interview, you can go here to catch up.