Livi McKay of MyTEPI joins host Margaret Williamson to find out how psychedelics can take advantage of everything that has already taken place around cannabis. Whether decriminalization and legalization or marketing and education, this conversation will surely shift your mind about how the two industries may be more different than they are alike.

Yes, They’re Both Plant Medicines

During the conversation, host Margaret Williamson makes the same observation that others have been making as psychedelic medicines have grown in popularity. They’re both plant medicines, but does that mean we know what to expect? The short answer is that it’s not that simple. The longer answer?… Well, you’ll have to tune in to hear what Livi McKay thinks.

Where Do We Draw the Line?

Cannabis and psychedelic compounds may not be the same, but their therapeutic effects can’t be denied. We are witnessing transformations in health and well-being right before our very eyes. Because of this growth, the question doesn’t become “how are they similar?” but rather how can BOTH play a role in the overarching natural health movement.

If you personally don’t believe in natural medicines, I’d first ask you why you’re here reading this message. Secondly, though, I’d point you to the many success stories and positive health outcomes that are being uncovered in real-time. After all, who wants artificial when you can choose medicines that are natural, plant-based, and straight from the Earth?

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The transcription will be available after the event.