During this edition of the Investor Hotseat, host Dustin Robinson of Iter Investments is joined by Cody Shandraw of Healing REIT.

Cody Shandraw is the Founder and President of Healing REIT, and also Managing Partner for Ambria Capital, which is a capital fund that has invested millions of dollars into the psychedelics industry over the past few years. If Cody looks familiar, it’s because he’s appeared on the Psychedelic Invest Podcast as well.

How will Cody handle the hot seat? Tune in to find out.

As always, this will be a live event. You’ll be able to stream it from the Psychedelic Invest website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter. If you miss it, though, don’t worry. It will be recorded and available across those channels after the event.

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