Explaining a psychedelic trip is nearly impossible. Authors, song writers, and filmmakers have tried for years to explain what the whole experience is like, but always fall just short. 

However, despite the difficulty to explain what a psychedelic experience is like, there is one thing that nearly everyone agrees on: A psychedelic experience shows how interconnected our universe is. 

This realization, that everything is connected, brings new perspectives on how to view the world, relationships, ideas, and even how we as humans fit into a massive puzzle. 

Due to years of criminalization, misunderstood science, and corporate and religious persecution, we don’t really know much about the psychedelics ecosystem. Research, development, and published information has been siloed and difficult to access. 

That’s all changing now. 

As we enter the information age, or so-called Third Wave, understanding how to make connections throughout the world will become more powerful. For the psychedelics ecosystem, these increased connections will produce numerous positive outcomes. 

The sharing of information, establishment of relationships, and broader overall understanding of gaps in the system will enable focus to be spent on questions not yet answered.  

Psychedelic Invest, in collaboration with Neuly, has been mapping out various sectors of the psychedelics ecosystem to discover much-needed information. Currently, we have already mapped out information about organizations, people, investors, clinical trials, events, and jobs.

A visual of Neuly’s mapping tool, that allows users to filter their search criteria, zoom into view State specific data, and compare data visually.

Organizations in the Psychedelic Industry

Starting with organizations, North America dominates the industry with several hundred entities scattered through Mexico, the US, and Canada. These organizations include public companies, private companies, non-profits, educational institutions, and government agencies. 

After North America, there’s the UK, Netherlands, and France. In total, there are over seventy countries where psychedelics oriented organizations reside.

Jobs in the Psychedelic Industry

Next, we look at where jobs are located around the world. Using the largest psychedelics job platform, we can see that, once again, North America has the most open positions. 

Western Europe, Finland, and Australia come next in line. With over 300 jobs currently available across 9 different countries, job seekers can start to understand where they need to apply. 

Public Companies in the Psychedelic Industry

Of particular interest to investors is understanding where to invest. The US has long been the destination of investors from around the world, but there are several other markets where opportunity sits. 

Similar to the cannabis public markets, Canada is currently home to over 30 companies that trade across the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), and NEO exchanges. Overall, there are 9 countries represented in the public markets. 

Active Clinical Trials in the Psychedelic Industry

Finally, we look at the global locations of clinical trials that specifically involve psychedelic substances. In total, there are over 1,000 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sanctioned clinical trials that have been, or currently, being conducted. 

While the US leads the way with over 1,000 unique trials, countries such as Spain, France, the UK, Germany, and Brazil have all each conducted dozens. 

There are currently almost 200 separate clinical trials that are actively recruiting participants throughout the US, Switzerland, Canada, and Denmark. 

The ability to visualize data that represents connections, relationships and correlations will allow for further discovery and learning. By comparing and contrasting location data, gaps in the psychedelic market can be identified and pursued. 

What other information do you want to see? With the largest database in the psychedelics industry, Neuly and Psychedelic Invest can put data and context into your questions. Feel free to reach out.